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Inside Arte Perdida with Jack Matthews

August 25, 2022 Elsa Kurt
The Writer's Tribe Talk Show
Inside Arte Perdida with Jack Matthews
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About Jack:
Jack Matthews, a retired college professor, spent seven years writing his first novel—Arte Perdida. Research for this historically rich work of fiction took him throughout Germany and the Azores. He also spent a week in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, exploring background material for the book.
Matthews grew up in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, where he sailed and fished on Buzzards Bay, the setting for much of the novel. He is also a crew member of the Half Moon, an 85-foot replica of the ship that Henry Hudson sailed on the river that now bears his name. On one cruise, Matthews served as the ship’s cook on this square-rigged, three-masted wooden sailing vessel. He also sings with several groups and plays the trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn. Matthews is available for book talks and signings at libraries, book clubs, bookstores, seminars, and other venues. He can be contacted at:


Mattapoisett was a quiet New England town on Buzzards Bay — until body parts started showing up in the most unlikely places. Manny Pereira, a decorated and disabled Vietnam War Veteran, races to find the killer in an investigation that spans from Nazi Germany to the Azores and Newfoundland, and finally to the neighborhoods of this once peaceful harbor town. With more than a few possible suspects, Manny works quietly behind the scenes and uncovers a decades old scheme of greed, revenge, and murder. The allure of art and love compound the challenges for Manny, and as he closes in on the killer, not even he could have anticipated the
frightening twist in his investigation or its shocking conclusion.

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Elsa Kurt is an American actress, comedian, podcast producer & host, social media entertainer, and author of over twenty-five books. Elsa's career began first with writing, then moved into the unconventional but highly popularized world of Tik Tok, where she amassed an organic following of 200K followers and over 7 billion views of her satirical and parody skits, namely her viral portrayal of Vice President Kamala Harris, which attracted the attention of notable media personalities such as Michael Knowles, Mike Huckabee, Brit Hume, and countless media outlets. She's been featured in articles by Steven Crowder's Louder with Crowder, Hollywood in Toto with Christian Toto, and JD Rucker Report. In late 2022, Elsa decided to explore more acting opportunities outside of social media. As of August 2022, Elsa will have appearances in a sketch comedy show & an independent short film series in the fall. Elsa is best known for her comedic style and delivery, & openly conservative values.