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Writing Children's Books with Douglas Berry

July 25, 2022 Elsa Kurt
The Writer's Tribe Talk Show
Writing Children's Books with Douglas Berry
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About Douglas:
I'm a 20-year retired US Air Force Veteran. I served as an Armament Systems Specialist on both the A-10 & F-16 Aircraft. My career took me to Tucson, AZ, South Korea, Sumter, SC, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other smaller training Temporary duty assignments.

What made me decide to start writing children's books? Well, we read a lot of books to our children, and I always felt I could write one, I just had no idea what to write about. Then one day my son caught a little rabbit in our backyard. Consequently, it spent the night in our house and was released the next morning and my son named him "Jasper" and a story was born! I couldn't help but think about the little rabbit's perspective and what his woodland friends would think when he told them, and "The night I spent in a people house" was born. Sales and reviews were so good and even though I really had no plans to write a follow up book, so many asked me about one, so I wrote my newest book "A Day at the Beach with Jasper and Friends".

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