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A Few Bad Men

May 12, 2022 Elsa Kurt
The Writer's Tribe Talk Show
A Few Bad Men
Show Notes

This week I talk with Fred Galvin (Ret. Maj., USMC) about the upcoming (June 7th) release of his book: A Few Bad Men.

Quote from Journalist, Andrew DeGrandpre's 5 part series on Galvin's mission to restore the honor of his team after being falsely accused & tried for war crimes:

Galvin has been in fights a

All his life. As a kid growing up in Kansas City, he challenged an abusive father because he was sick and tired of enduring the pain and destruction this man inflicted on his family. As a commander in combat, he battled for his very survival and that of his men, whether pulling the trigger against enemy forces or risking the wrath of superior officers to demand the resources his team required. And for the past eight years, Galvin has been on a lonely, emotional mission to restore honor to members of his elite commando unit who were wrongfully branded as war criminals during one of the most notorious criminal cases brought against U.S. service members during America’s 13-year war in Afghanistan.

About the Book:

A Few Bad Men is the incredible true story of an elite team of US Marines set up to take the fall for Afghanistan war crimes they did not commit—and their leader who fought for the redemption of his men.

Ambushed in Afghanistan and betrayed by their own leaders, these elite Marines fought for their lives again, back home.

A cross between A Few Good Men and American Sniper, this is the true story of an elite Marine special operations unit bombed by an IED and shot at during an Afghanistan ambush. The Marine Commandos were falsely accused of gunning down innocent Afghan civilians following the ambush. The unit’s leader, Major Fred Galvin, was summarily relieved of duty, and his unit was booted from the combat zone. They were condemned by everyone, from the Afghan president to American generals. When Fox Company returned to America, Galvin and his captain were the targets of the first Court of Inquiry in the Marines in fifty years.

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